TIP #6: Stop jobs in 10g

Before 10g, if you want to stop all jobs, you can simply set JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES to zero.
In 10g, Oracle intrduced scheduler_job with many advanced features.
In this post I do not want to deal with different features of scheduler_jobs.
In 10g, it is possible to schedule job either in dba_jobs or dba_scheduler_jobs.
Setting JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES to zero stops only jobs in dba_jobs which means that jobs in scheduler are still running .
In order to disable jobs in dba_scheduler_job, the following script should be run for each job in scheduler.

sys.dbms_scheduler.disable( '"schema?"."job name?"' );

FYI : For finding all jobs using 10g scheduler, run select owner, job_name, state from dba_scheduler_jobs;


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Thanks for sharing. Using this one can easily Enable/Disable a Scheduled Job