TIP #13: Ideal RMAN format for backup

Naming RMAN backup is vital.
Proper backup name gives you better idea of which backup may be used during recovery.
My ideal RMAN backup format is : backup_%d_set%s_piece%p_%T_%U for backupsets when duplexing is not used. For duplexing backup it would be backup_%d_set%s_piece%p_copy%c_%T_%U
The following is brief description of these tags :
  • %d : name of database
  • %s :backup set number. (Unique for controlfile lifetime)
  • %p :piece number in backup set.
  • %T : Specified date in format YYYYMMDD
  • %U : Unique number consist of %u_%p_%c
  • %c : copy number of backup piece.when duplexing of backup piece is in use

Please pay attention that these tags are case sensitive.

If no format is specified, Oracle by default uses %U.For controlfile autobackup, I prefer to use default config which is %F.This tag has DBID in the filename which would be necessary in the case of recovery when RMAN catalog is not accessible.This tag can not be used for backup sets.

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Luke said...

Would it not be worth using %F to have the DBID in the backup string

Anonymous said...

Really helpful