TIP #16 : Oracle is 32bit or 64bit

Determining whether installed oracle is 32bit or 64bit is easy task.However, it is more difficult if Oracle_home has not any database.
In this case for determining oracle bit number, try one of the following options :

1. Use file command
  • cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
  • file oracle
  • if it does not show anything, Oracle is 32-bit. If it is 64bit, it shows 64bit tag

2. svrmgrl

  • cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
  • svrmgrl
  • If it is 64bit, it is presented in svrmgrl message.If nothing appreas, it is 64bit
  • This works only for 8i.

3. Do not use sqlplus

  • When no database has not been already installed, sqlplus will not give you correct answer.
  • However, if database has already existed for ORACLE_HOME,sqlplus message works the same as svrmgrl.

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