TIP #26 : UNDO tablespace recovery.

Here is handy steps for any UNDO tablespace issue.
Some example are :
  • undo tablespace was dropped
  • undo was not recreated
  • undo was recreated without specifying 'undo' keyword.

To resolve the issue, Follow the following steps :

  1. set undo_management to MANUAL
  2. startup pfile
  3. drop undo tablespace (If it was created wrongly without undo keyword)
  4. create undo tablespace undotbs datafile '??????' size 1M reuse;
  5. shutdown database.
  6. set undo_management to AUTO-
  7. startup

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anitha said...

how to perform temporary tablespace recovery?
how to perform change-based recovery?
how to perform time-based incomplete recovery?