TIP #35 : 10g editions.

Oracle release four edition for 10g.
  1. Express Edition
  2. Standard Edition One
  3. Standard Edition
  4. Enterprise Edition

Express Edition :

  • Entry level database based on Oracle
  • Free to develop, deploy and distribute
  • 1 CPU limit

Standard Edition One :

  • Full featured database which suits for small-to-medium business
  • 2 CPU limit.
  • Reasonable price. 149$/user with 5 users minimum.

Standard Edition

  • Full featured database for small-to-medium business.
  • Mostly address performance, availability, scalability and security
  • 4 CPU limit.

Enterprise Edition

  • Full featured database for enterprise class business
  • No limitation in CPU.
  • Suitable for transaction processing, BI and content management applications.

For details, refer to http://www.oracle.com/database/product_editions.html

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