TIP #50: Opatch failed after uncompleted/interrupted patch

I faced with a problem today during my AS 10g upgrade which involves applying different patches sequentially.
Opatch failed with the following message :

Problems with the lock file
Lock file exists, details are:
Interim Patch is holding the lock from xxxxxxx,
probably due to previous unsuccessful operation

ERROR: OPatch failed during pre-reqs check

Opatch creates patch_locked in $ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage during running of patch.If for some reason opatch run was interrupted or canceled , this file may not be removed.As the result, further opatch run can find this patch and will fail because of this file. Solution is to delete this file.


sheida said...

nice to see you writing

Edwin Muirhead said...

Thanks for this tip... trying to install PTC Intralink, which sits on an Oracle dB - and it was displaying this error...


Shervin said...

Glad that this post helped you out.

Thanks for comment,