TIP 82# : Browser craches when Oracle Forms is accessed

If you use internet explorer (Any version) and it crashes at time of accessing Oracle Forms, the following step could resolve the issue.

- Disable 3rd party browser extension (Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Browsing)
- Deinstall all Jinit versions. (Optional but preferred)
- Cleanup IE cache
- Close IE broswer
- Open IE and access URL

I have tested this with AS 10R2 ( and IE 6 and IE7 SP2.

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Anonymous said...

Just use Forms EXEJar

In our company we use this tool - it just creates one executable JAR file, which runs the Forms Client natively without Browser.


This tool creates an executable jar file - which is fine for most people - but if you want a "real" .EXE, then just convert it with an jar-to-exe wrapper like "Launch4j".