TIP 83#: Download patch using wget

If you are using updates.oracle.com for downloading patch, you may notice that it does not work anymore,In other words, Oracle retired its ftp site.

Connected to updates.oraclegha.com.
421-*********************** Downtime Notice ************************
421-This service was retired as of November 06, 2009.

So what would be the best option ?

If you environment was setup to run any browser(mozilla,firefox,IE for Win), start it and directly login to metalink and down load the patch.
If you are in Non-Windows environment, sometimes it is hard and time consuming to setup browser for the first time, so the best way would be to use wget.The following command helps you to get the patch. (You need to know URL which you can get it from metalink.

wget --no-check-certificate --http-user 'username' --http-passwd 'password' 'url' -O outputfile_name

Note : do not forget to put URL between ' not to let it misinterpreted.