TIP 97#: Apache2 in AIX

I was working for a client to upgrade the existing AS10g to Fusion 11g. As part of upgrade, Apache is upgraded to version >2. Interesting enough, starting Apache under port 1024 threw the following error although the regular permission change was applied.

[2012-05-15T10:27:53.6378-04:00] [OHS] [INCIDENT_ERROR:20] [OHS-9999] [mod_onsint.c] [host_id: comet.isc-seo.upenn.edu] [host
_addr:] [pid: 5308510] [tid: 1] [user: root] [VirtualHost: main] (22)Invalid argument: setgid: unable to set group id to Group 4294967295

This turned out to be due to the fact Apache under port 1024 can only be started as a named user/group other than nobody.In other words, checkout httpd.conf and make sure user and group is set first of all and it is set to anything but nobody.As I mentioned, Apache in AS10g can still be started without this setting but not anymore in Fusion11g!

I have not tested if this is the same case on other platforms, please feel free to chime in.