TIP 99# : Connection to VMs in Oracle Vistual box

For couple months, I have been involved in setting up a lab and for this, I started using Oracle Vistual box with some pre-build template to speed up the initial process. It was always in back of my mind that when it is built, how other users in different offices gonna connect and use it ? Also what will happen when a lab on my laptop is moved from one network to the other network ?
I was thinking of using WebEx in worse case scenario till I saw an article in Oracle which provided different connection options with which each VM can be setup in Virtual box. They are listed in below and for my case in which users want to login to vms via SSH or SQL*Developer, Bridged Networking is the best.

I put digram from the Oracle article here for my ease of reference. If you are interested in more details, please check the link at the end of this post.


Bridged Networking

Internal networking

Host-Only networking

Reference : https://blogs.oracle.com/fatbloke/entry/networking_in_virtualbox1

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Priya Gupta said...

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I ‘ve been really stuck up trying to established a connection between the Host OS & VirtualBox, Really Appreciate the help!! I ‘ve tried the solution that you suggested here but to no avail.

I ‘ve installed Virtualbox 4.2.10 on RHEL 6 and installed guest OS RHEL 6 on it. I ‘ve configured NAT & Host-only adapter in order to established the connection with the Virtualbox from the Host OS. and The Host server is connected to Internet through a modem not to any Office network as this is a Personal server.

The Host OS IP is & its DNS is which i ‘ve assigned through the system-config-network utility on RHEL 6. and followed the instructions for the Guest VM IP given here. i.e guest configured NAT & Host-only adapter for the Virtualbox given here. and also checked with the ifconfig command that the IPs assigned correctly. The Guest Virtualbox IP: & DNS which i ‘ve assigned through the system-config-network utility on RHEL 6.

But still I can not ping the Host OS from the Guest OS i,e from the VirtualBox when i ping the host OS it says that the Network unreachable.

The entries in the /etc/hosts & /etc/resolv.conf for the Host IPs and the DNS which is same as that of HOST OS is there. But it failed to establised connectivity from the Guest OS to Host OS. although i can ping the guest OS from the Host OS.

Could you please suggest what i need to do inorder to establish connectivity from Guest OS to Host OS.

Thanks Priya