TIP 103# : GoldenGate and statistics

After having GoldenGate setup in your environment, the main question you most likely face is whether or not GoldenGate is working and if so, how much work is done.
GoldenGate provides stats command to report the work which is done, the following present how to use it properly and effectively.

To get stats from now on wards, follow the below steps :

1. Reset numbers    : stats extract ext_int, reset
2. Apply the changes
3. Reterive stats  :
                     stats extract ext_int, table xxxx.yyyy, latest
                     stats extract ext_int, totalsonly xxxx.yyyy, latest

Please be careful that if you do not reset the numbers, all the reported statistics is since startup of a GoldenGate process. In other words, the following stats commands work in the following way if numbers are not reset

stats extract ext_int, totalsonly xxxx.yyyyy  --> since startup of ext_int
 stats extract ext_int, daily, table xxxx.yyyy --> since startup of day
 stats extract ext_int, daily, table owner.*   --> for all tables since startup of day

Hope this helps for those who may find numbers misleading/incorrect.