TIP 108# : Become Golden DBA for GoldenGate environment (Basic)

Become Golden DBA for GoldenGate environment is delivered in OOW2013 and more topics around this will come which include but not limited to the following :
  • Golden DBA for 2 way GoldenGate replication
  • Golden DBA and troubleshooting GoldenGate
  • Golden DBA and advanced configuration on GoldenGate
  • Golden DBA and Tuning GoldenGate
For those of you who joined the session or would like to follow up, pdf version of the session is available on https://github.com/shervsh/Presentation/ and it will be available on OOW. 
Please drop me a line if you are interested in upcoming sessions or you would like to have ppt version.
Thanks everyone for joining the session, I will post answers to various questions in upcoming posts.