TIP 117#: Access to ODA ILOM is challenging ?

New ODA is configured with ILOM IPs and network cable is plugged to Netmgt port. Everything is ready for connecting to the server via ILOM and bummer!, you may see the whole connection or at least the connection to remote console does not work as it is expected.

The following item could come handy to troubleshoot and fix the issue:

ILOM client requirements:

Per the following link, the client access should meet certain requirement.


I found that having right Java and registering it in browser are the key.
For new ODA (X5-2), per 888888.1, consider upgrading Java to 7 to avoid bug 20420055

After you make all necessary changes per above requirement, you may still have some problem connecting to remote console.
The following two issues are reported on several customers which we have :

Issue : ILOM remote console is blocked by rule set

Solution : The simplest solution is to remove rule set file - The file is C:\Windows\Sun\Java\Deployment\DeploymentRuleSet.jar and it is not dependent on where Java is installed.
If the issue still stays, consider setting Java security level to medium in Java control panel (in windows in Windows control panel)

Issue : ILOM remote console errors out with "Video redirection error - no appropriate protocol found"

Solution: Comment out jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms=SSLv3 in JAVA_folder/lib/security/java.security and restart the browser

TIP 116# : Oracle Database Appliance - 3 Observations and 3 Resolutions

During last couple weeks, I have been involved in various ODA activities from patching of an existing ODA to latest version to setting up new environments on ODA X5-2
I thought to share some lesson learnt :
1)  Patch failure
If you encounter in a situation which ODA patch fails and reports the following error
Unable to get the nodenumber in the chassis
The resolution is to create /opt/oracle/oak/conf/node_num.conf on each compute node and add NODENUM=0 or NODENUM=1.
2) Network issue
If you setup new ODA and in the first boot, it should ask for fiber or copper connection and after providing the right option, ODA will keep the appropriate driver and will remove unnecessary drivers. If you do not see it in any new ODA x3-2 onwards when it is booted for the first time, you may see issue with setting up network later.
To fix the issue, before further progress with deployment and setting up environment, run /opt/oracle/oak/lib/SetupX4Network.pl

3)  Some oakcli commands fail
You may notice that some oakcli commands fail with the following error:

OAKERR:6000 Exception encountered in Module getMasterNode
OAKERR:6002 No master node was found

This cause usually could be that the process cannot connect to oakd daemon on ODA. 
You could confirm this with running
oakcli show ismaster
If this command fails, it could be fixed by bouncing oakd using oakcli. As long as oakcli show ismaster does not work well, you may experience failure of some oakcli commands.